Welcome to Afghanistan !!


Afghanistan is the country where 100,000 tourists visited annually from all over the world in the early 1970s in order to experience the hug of the most hospitable community of human and to see the unique beauty of the country. Despite decades of war, today, many parts of Afghanistan remains outstanding, ready to embrace and most welcome its explorers.


Afghanistan has a history of more than six thousand years, with many historical sites and attractions, among these are the more than two thousand year old famous Buddha Statues, the tomb of Hazrate Ali (the blue mosque) in Mazar-e Sharif, the ancient city of Balkh known as Ummol-Belad (Mother of Cities) to Arabs and Bacteria to Macedonians, the lakes of Band-e Amir, the deep lapis lazuli blue waters are a shocking contrast to the plain colors of the surrounding mountains.


Furthermore, in order to assist Afghan Tourism industry, a very local tourism agency "Let's be friends !!" is established to organize wonderful tours around the country to introduce the tremendous Afghan culture and sites to visitors.


M Noor M. Ramzan, Manager